You deserve to hear the best. Fuel your hearing experience with the audio clarity and precision it needs. That’s our audio’s philosophy.


    Comfort is essential when you listen for hours. With that in mind, we razed through several iterations to ensure that you have the experience that matches your digital habits.


    Our Philosophy is based on passion for perfect Craftmanship, Audio clarity & precision in desiging loudspeakers.


    Our products represent the perfect amalgamation of form, function and technology, delivering products that give users pristine aural performance.

About us

Our sound equipment allow for endless ways to entertain your guests

Timber Acoustics was founded in 2015 and our R&D started by early 2012. Audio Clarity and Precision at affordable prices is the philosophy behind designing our loudspeakers.

Our Success is not simply a matter of excellent sound quality, By consistently refining and applying our technologies our Listeners around the world will testify to that .

Timber is an unrepentantly name for an exquisitely Italian speakers. As an independent loudspeaker company, we design in Italy and manufacture at our own production facility in PRC.

Since its inception we have always encouraged individual excellence and the pursuit of perfection. Working towards reproducing a unique and lasting contribution to global culture, enriching the dialogue between the artist and mucisian of different generations, cultures and disciplines.

Pure passion for technology.

Timber Acoustics offers its clients a technical help service managed by a team

Timber Acoustics has always sought to help its clients choose the product most suitable to their needs, to make the most of their applications

Every Speaker tells a story